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Amy Testimonial

"From day one, I was excited about working for this company. I felt that I had found a place that was financially stable, clinically progressive and valuing of their employees and service recipients. Even as an entry-level employee, I felt that I had a voice in the direction of the company. Twenty four years later, I still believe that."
- Amy Vogelson, CIRS Director


SBH offers a diversity of programs and services that translate into both flexibility for you as well as opportunities for professional growth and development. We offer you the opportunity to work with adults, children or families in a variety of clinical and outpatient settings.

"SBH has offered me many opportunities for growth and professional development. I could never have predicted that when I started out as a Prevention Specialist working with kids, that I would end up coordinating an HIV/AIDS housing program, running an outpatient clinic or becoming a Director over services for Adults with a serious mental illness. The diversity of our programs and services has provided me with new challenges around every corner."
- Amy Vogelson, CIRS Director

Whether you have years of experience in behavioral health counseling or are just getting started in your career, you'll love what Southwest Behavioral Services (SBH) has to offer you.


As part of the largest and most highly regarded behavioral health agency in the state of Arizona, you'll have the opportunity to work among some of the most innovative and clinically progressive individuals in the business, and through your work, you also will gain recognition and rewards for the impact you make not only on SBH, but in the lives of your clients.

Ed Testimonial

"We have grown to be the largest and most respected behavioral health provider... this doesn't happen by chance. It takes a lot of hard, honest work by good people and great leadership. I'm very proud of my company and feel fortunate that I am a member of this great team."
- Ed Shiles, Purchasing/Facilities Director


In addition to caring for the development of our clients, SBH also takes great care in the development of our employees. As a participating member of the Training Institute, SBH encourages all employees to take advantage of over 600 hours of continuing education and training activities covering topics of clinical concern to our employees. In addition, the Training Institute has established a working relationship with Arizona State University and Glendale Community College to provide employees with the opportunity to complete their undergraduate educational degree requirements.

Many times, development of ourselves and of our team occurs through the education of others. SBH is proud to partner with Sias University in Beijing, China, where we are not only able to witness the birth of behavioral health services in their nation, but participate in the education and training of their students. SBH has gained such international recognition for the work that we do, that our team has the honor of consulting with the University, and educating and training interns from China within our environment. And through this work, SBH continues to enhance our own skills and further develop our practices and programs to enhance our reputation as a world-class resource for innovative behavioral health.

Not only do we want to develop our current employees, but we also focus on preparing students who are interested in a future career in behavioral health. The Training Institute-Southwest Behavioral Health works in collaboration with Argosy University, Midwestern University, and Arizona State University to provide ongoing training for practicum students in the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program. Dr. Joanna Jablonski and Dr. Lynette Small provide clinical supervision for all of the practicum students. For the 2011-2012 training year, Southwest Behavioral Health accepted a total of 18 practicum students. Our students are placed in various programs but primarily placed at the Erickson Outpatient site. The Erickson practicum students provide outpatient services to adult GMH and substance abuse clients.

SBH also works with both bachelors and masters level social work and counseling students from ASU and Masters of Counseling students from Ottawa and NAU.  Students are provided an intensive hands on training experience in a behavioral health setting. Today’s behavioral Health field yields a strong and diverse career market for Social Workers in a number of areas. Students have successfully gained employment with SBH advancing into both direct practice and clinically based administrative career tracks.

Carmen Testimonial

"I started my career as the receptionist, was hired in MIS (CFS, then hired in Purchasing, then hired in Risk Management. I have been blessed with opportunity for growth within the company and have had strong leaders to guide me along the way."
- Carmen Ramirez, Coordinator

You'll find a wide variety of behavioral health jobs at SBH. From Clinicians and Behavioral Health Techs to professional support and administrative opportunities, we look to hire the most dedicated, caring individuals who share in our mission and who have a passion for healing the minds, bodies and spirits of the members of our communities.

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